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How standardizing O&M can help cut the cost of energy
How standardizing O&M can help cut the cost of energy
By Jason Deign on Sep 30, 2014
With PV panel prices now on the rebound, perhaps it is time for the industry to focus on operations and maintenance as a way of keeping solar energy costs down.
A gad
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Future of innovation in Solar Energy
Due to the continuing rise in electricity costs, energy reduction and consumption have become a top concern for homeowners today. In fact, a recent study conducted by the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) showed that 49% of homeowners and businesses were considering installing solar panels now as a way of taking control of their en
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5 Reasons Solar is Already Beating Fossil Fuels
The solar industry is growing drastically every year, while fossil fuels continue to be phased out. This is why it is frustrating to hear commenters still say that renewable energy is not ready to compete with fossil fuels as a means to power our country. This is no longer true. Here are five reasons why solar is already winning. 
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Nissan Solar-Powered Hybrid Cargo Ship
Toyota might be the world’s largest hybrid automaker, but that isn’t stopping rival Japanese automaker Nissan from trying to become the world leader in hybrid electric car transporter ships.
Its latest ship, announced on Tuesday this week, puts it ahead in the race to have the greenest shipping fleet of any automa
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World’s Largest Single Rooftop Solar Power Project Commissioned In India
Indian solar energy companies are fast delivering world-class solar power projects as the market expands based on favorable regulatory and policy outlooks.
India’s largest engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) company in the solar power market has just commissioned the world’s largest single rooftop sola
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law makers are law breakers
»Why REC 's Are introduced Law Makers are Law Breakers is History The seen off UPA Government architected the renewable energy policy framework with one of its concerns in the form of Renewable energy certificates with an objective to encourage green energy projects . As per this norm all the Independent power producers , Power generation ,
Posted By : raghav (Posted 1 month ago)..
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